Wednesday, March 24, 2010

TOASTMASTERS: "Rock It!" Meeting

I was the TMoD for this morning's TM meeting. I had decided last week to give it a theme: "Rock It!". When I theme, I like to tie it to the particular day, and on March 24th 2006, Hannah Montana premiered on the Disney Channel -- hey, it was either that or the Exxon Valdez Oil Spill.

And it was a theme that everyone got enthusiastic about. I feel so much gratitude to everyone participating and putting in the time and effort.

When I was introduced, I walked up to the podium and gave an intentionally lack-luster "Are you ready to rock?." and got a huge "Yeah!" [come on guys... make me earn it! :)]. I then untucked my white button up (and oh yes, I was also sporting a vest [love it!]), djushed my hair, put on some shades, and threw on a Hannah Montana wig (featuring a couple purple-highlighted braids). And having become much better(???)-dressed, I gave a more enthusiastic and rocker-screeched "Are you ready to rock?!" to my adoring fans!

Seriously, I loved everyone's energy and appreciate all the love that people put in today. Fantastic was our Thought of the Day by one of our newest members; she shared a Dave Matthews Band lyric to uplift and inspire us. Then our grammarian had a quirky, relevant, and easily-accessible Word of the Day: 11 (Eleven) "as in one more than ten" (from This is Spinal Tap). And our Table Topics Master, another newbie, went all miscellaneous with rock references -- rock as a gift, rocket ship conference room, dinner with a rock star, and Fraggle rock -- I totally enjoyed the eclecticism. All of our speakers were well-rehearsed, and for our business session, there were quite a number of recognitions to hand out.

It was very uplifting meeting, which made for two in a row! Last week had a St. Patrick's Day theme, and it also carried well throughout that meeting. We're having more fun, the speeches are great, and our club's on its way back to Presidents Distinguished.

Many thanks again to everyone who was there. Y'all Rocked It!

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