Monday, March 22, 2010

TOASTMASTERS: ACC Tall Tales Contest / RUN: 1.09+2.50 miles @??:??, Home<-sL->Gym+, Melbourne, FL

Tonight, the Advance Communicators [TM] Club held a Tall Tales Contest, the first of its kind that I've attended (or even heard of). There were eleven (11!) contestants!... nearly all of the District 84 and Division B officers. It was a great great showing and a hoot. All through the contest, I was imagining myself having to be up there giving a humorous speech. And in all honesty, I'm still intimidated getting in front of others to give a no-notes speech. Anyways, all did a good job. There were four or five who were pretty outstanding. And it was nice that I agreed with all of the placings (though, among friends, it almost seemed like the awards didn't matter). It was a nice experience, and I'm glad to have attended.

Well, the contest had started late and as mentioned, there were eleven contestants. The Tall Tales ran 3-5 minutes each, so the meeting ran just under two hours. Piccadilly Cafeteria typically closes at 8:30pm, and it was near nine when we quickly herded out. I was going to be really late for volleyball the gym, but I didn't worry so much. A nice drive home, I quickly got changed and ran out the door, shortcut to the Pro-Health.

Oh, forgot to mention that I had an entire Little Caesar's cheese pizza for lunch today. I was probably able to finish the pie because I stretched my stomach from all the sushi this past weekend (thanks Joy!). It was good though. Oh, and I also had a large Tropical Smoothie. Yeah, so I'm not remotely hungry tonight and will probably just have a small scoop of strawberry-banana frozen yogurt (and yes, the fake LC cheese did affect me tonight... *blurg/oh well*).

Getting back to the Pro-Health, I walked to the gym, saw the young kids goofing, waved to Brad, and signaled to him that I'd be upstairs running. And Good karma today. This morning I found out that I was put on a list for a Hospitality Pass (I'm staying vague on this one *wink/nod*), and tonight at the gym, I passed by the guy from work that I just light up from seeing. Small moments of happiness that's holding back the D&T urge. Don't get me wrong, I felt like I made progress at work today, which is fantastic, but I've been expecting a fall from Saturday morning's ContestMastering high. It's a short and busy week, so I may be able to fend it off... oh gosh, I veered off on another tangent. Ramble.

Again, getting back to the Pro-Health. I got in a ten laps (1 mile) -- I don't like the corners -- then spotted Brad on the 2nd floor... the kids were too much. I totally understand. So he did some weights as I put in some extra laps to hopefully accumulate my 3+ miles (I want my sticker!). The gym was closing, and we talked some more about this Sunday and Busch Gardens. I'm looking forward to a new park! (I will have to control myself). And then we just called it a night. I took the long way home. 1.09 miles on the road, 2.5 on the track. Woo!

At this moment it's just about 11:00pm. It's going to be a little longer before I select and add photos from, especially since I'll be combining posts *shrug*. Anyways, it feels good to blog. Here's tonight's sweaty Ceddy pics:

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