Wednesday, July 20, 2011

"RUN": 2.0 miles, Home <-LL-> WM

The second mile was much better than the first. [didn't have to stop, no bugs out tonight (~10:45pm), lots of people still out working in their garages; anyways...]

Tonight was a return to the road. I've been saying that I've been alright with my recent (since last September) weight gain -- from 165lbs. to about 185lbs. -- that I'd begin the return to fitness once I hit 200, but there was an unrecognized-till-now indicator that shook me.


A couple days ago, I happened to look downwards, and as I did, I also noticed a couple of troubling formations. I vowed that I should start running again, and also perhaps start lifting some weights (now that I have a base of mass on me) -- it's another "mid-mid-mid-life crisis" as I also attempt to get back with this blog.

It's another interval of introspection, and I'm hoping that this aids the formation and organization of near-future speeches.

===== (the following section is really rough) =====
Currently, I'm thinking about a speech about development... I'd start by trying to connect with the audience, mentioning situations in which we're out in public and there's that one really misbehaved child throwing tantrums, etc. Then I'd ask them what thoughts are running through their heads... "I'm glad that kid's not mine." and then I'd say that when that happens, I just say to myself "I was worse."

I'd go on to explain how I was worse (I was totally conscious about what a brat I was), but then I'd stand before everyone as evidence of what that piece of coal could be. It just took some patience, guidance, and the willingness to become better (<-- that could be better-worded).

I should probably work on a conclusion next, but I do have a lot of ideas for the three points -- mom and her newspaper clippings, video games/computer applications, cooking, or drawing the parallel to developing at work or in Toastmasters. And that I've grown a lot because of the patience that my parents, siblings, and friends have shown me, and from the guidance they and other have provided me.

In my conclusion, I would challenge the audience to recognize times that people have to go through that brat stage and that the best things we can do is be patient and be that parent. And I would conclude by that I'm still sometimes that brat.

Working Title: "..."
===== (the above section is really rough) =====

I just wanted to get an entry up... I'll probably be coming back to continue this brainstorm. Now I need to grab a little fro-yo, take a quick shower, then get to bed.


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