Sunday, July 17, 2011

Hello World 2011.

Hello World.
This is how We, in the software industry, typically start coding projects. It's a primer of sorts that serves as our initial benchmark, indicating that we've taken that first step. And this is how I will begin a rebirth of the Soneevda blog.

I will not cover in this post the reasons I was on a year-long hi8us, nor will I cover all the reasons why I've returned except to say that I need a place to type out my thoughts of the day -- the successes, the defeats, the exciting, and the mundane -- without feeling that my words would be a burden.

Granted, should the thin veil of electronic cover be breached, then this would be my documented confessions. As saucy as this prospect may sound, I'll be the first to acknowledge your future disappointment.

It's a mind-sort. It's an exercise in ramble. It's a history.

Time and energy are premiums nowadays with increased responsibilities in a number of organizations, but I'm setting a goal of at least two post per week -- with no promise of length or decoration.

We'll just see how this experiment will go in this first month back. Let's do this!

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