Tuesday, January 23, 2007


I have to get back to work, but I've GOT TO BLOG about the nominees announces like a few seconds ago.

I was either 5/5 or 4/5 for all of the acting categories
   Actress: 5/5
   Actor: Sasha Baron Cohen Will Smith
   Sup. Actress: 5/5
   Sup. Actor: 4/5 Jack Nicholson Djimon Honsou

I was 3/3 for Best Animated Feature.
For Best Picture, I was 4/5: Dreamgirls Little Miss Sunshine

    :(   Surprises
  •     No Volver for Best Foreign Language
  •     No Sasha Baron Cohen for Best Actor
  •     No nods for Casino Royale

    :)   Surprises
  •     All of the Actress/Sup. Actress nods!
  •     No Dreamgirls for Best Picture
  •     Ryan Gosling for Best Actor
  •     Abigail Breslin for Best Sup. Actress
  •     Sasha Baron Cohen for Best Adapted Screenplay
  •     "Love You I Do" (Jennifer Hudson!) for Best Song
Overall, the nominees this year are impressive!

3 comment(s):

Anonymous said...

Casino Royale? You expected a nod for Casino Royale? It's the Academy - Think stuffy, not gay.

Leo for Blood Diamond and not the Departed? Gotta see Blood Diamond and see if he's better than he was in the Departed. His inner conflict in the scorcese film was great. wonder if they're trying to distance him from a scorcese curse.

Supporting Actor: No Jack!? Ooh, I like Djimon better anyway. Did you see his performance in Beauty Shop? Awesome!

Animated: I liked Over the Hedge. Last I checked that was animated. WTF Golden Globes & Oscars?!? And then having Steve Carell give out the animated one when his film wasn't in it. Mean.

I've got a lot of movies to watch. Little Miss, Blood Diamond, Babel, Dreamgirls, Casino Royale...

Cedric said...

On my immediate hit list: Babel, Pan's Labyrinth, The Departed, and Letters From Iwo Jima.

Yeah, I'd put Over the Hedge in instead of Happy Feet (haven't see HF but I don't like them riding the penguin craze... saw a trailer for Surf's Up about surfing penguins (before Arthur and the Invisibles)... come on!).

I'm still bitter about Scorcese's wasting my time with Gangs of New York and The Aviator... not only wasting my time, but annoying the hell out of me in addition to grabbing a lot of Oscar nods away from more deserving performances.

Ooo... RANT ON!

Cinanonymous said...

But it's about Boston this time. That accent kills me! In a good way. Mark Wahlberg rocks in the Departed. He and Damon are so in their Boston element AND they're good actors in good roles. Aviator: didn't see it. GoNY: wasn't that bad. Cameron Diaz doesn't pull off period. Unless the period is 2006.

If Scorcese wins, we'll never know whether he deserved it or if it was his "make up" Oscar. Because The Departed is THAT good (except I can't remember why it's called the Departed...). Anyway, if Marty gets his statue then they can fill the best director category with 5 other people next year.

yeah, I'm totally with you on the Penguin thing. I boycott HF. OtH! "Want to help me look for my nuts?"

Letters of Iwo Jima sounds sad. Heard Clint talking about it on NPR. 22,000 Japanese troops go in but only 1000 survive? Sad. But me likey Wantanabe. Chairman!