Wednesday, January 23, 2008

JOURNAL: Gchat Emoticons

[UPDATED: added some new hidden emoticons!!!]

I've noticed that a lot of people have found SONEEVDA while searching on 'gchat emoticons', so below I've posted a list of them from google plus a few "SECRET" gchat emoticons.

The "official" gchat emoticons from google:

... and the "unlisted" gchat emoticons:

    >.<     turns into a WINCE
    +/'\     turns into a COWBELL that dings and vibrates triumphantly
    }:-)     turns into a DEVIL smiley with red eyes and horns!
    V.v.V     turns into a CRAB that clicks his claws!
    :(|)     turns into MONKEY LIPS
    :(:)     turns into a PIG SNOUT
    < / 3     turns into a BROKEN HEART
    :-x or :*     turns into a KISS
    :{     turns into a MOUSTACHE
    :'(     turns into CRYING
    [:|]     turns into a ROBOT
    ~@~     turns into POO (or a BEEHIVE?)
and here they are:

Anyways, for a comprehensive list of gchat emoticons, check out this link <-- this person's on top of it!

UPDATE (11/20/08): The link above does have some new emoticons -- mostly the same expressions as before except with equal-sign eyes and noses). Though the coolest thing now is the CRYING emoticon :'(

UPDATE (12/01/08): An awesome visitor left a comment with a new emoticon... the ROBOT (ha!). Check it out [:|]

UPDATE (02/06/09): Another awesome visitor left a comment with another new emoticon... POO (Ha!). Actually, it may be a BEEHIVE? Check it out and tell me what you think... ~@~

19 comment(s):

Andrew said...

don't leave out awesome monkey face


Cedric said...

Thanks Andrew, I can't believe I forgot to put that one up. You rock!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for putting this up! =DD <3
I knew them all except for the Bell and Crab, which are AMAZINGGG<3
Thanks =]

Alex said...


Cedric said...

Woo! Thank YOU Alex :)

Anonymous said...

robot! [:|]

Anonymous said...

poo ~@~

Anonymous said...

THANK YOU THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH WE HAVE BEEN LOOKING FOR THE POO SIGN AND NOW WE HAVE IT!! SO HAPPY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tepster said...

~@~ could be a rattlesnake. a smelly one anyway. ok, or not.

Anonymous said...

\m/ is a boombox/stereo

Anonymous said...

it seems that if you change the type of emoticons you have, either square, round or the other options (don't know what to call them) that they style of the emoticon will change. \m/ will either appear as a stereo with music notes, or as a sort of rock out hand gesture depending on the type of emoticon you've chosen for chat

Anonymous said...


i just found this link while searching for "gchat emoticons". i was looking for a star (it's (*) on hrs msgr) to describe you. how freakin' random is that. see you monday. (i assume you see these).


Christopher said...

To change your type, do this...

- before and after a word
* before and after a word
_ before and after a word

makes the text:



Anonymous said...

:3 becomes a cat you know...

Cedric said...

I couldn't get the cat to work... anybody else?

Matthew said...

i think that 'beehive' is

Luis David said...

That "beehive" is what we call a "bum-snake" around my way...

Yes, #2.

Robbie said...

Or how about... oh, I see someone already said that \m/ was a stereo. But, depending on which of the four emoticon lists you've chosen at the bottom, it changes to throwing up the horns!

Others might change, too?

Anonymous said...

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