Monday, February 25, 2008

FOOD: Chili's New Smokehouse Bacon Burgers

Tonight, my friend Bill (from Team Ugly Shorts) came over for dinner. I thought of where we could go, and in my mind I had it narrowed down to Crispers or Chili's. The answer was in the mailbox.

My BzzAgent packet arrived for the Chili's New Smokehouse Bacon Burger campaign!

It came with a letter (haven't read it yet), the Official BzzGuide, and four coupons for free Smokehouse Bacon Big Mouth Burgers! (w00t!)

Bill ordered the Smokehouse Bacon Triple-the-Cheese Burger, and I ordered the Southern Smokehouse Bacon Burger without cheese. Here are the pics (taken with the cell phone):

Our initial reaction was "These burgers are huge!". The strips of bacon were thick and delightfully in-our-face! Bill really liked his cheesy burger, the way the flavors mixed and especially the surprising kick from the jalapeno-ranch dressing. I enjoyed my onion-ringed burger, whose flavors were simple but worked at all levels.

I know the pictures above didn't have the best lighting, so I've added below a scan from the Official Guide of the three burger varieties. And let me say that the burgers were bigger and more deliciouser in person; we each had to take half of our burgers home they were so big.

[Click on the image to make it more readable (bigger).]

Anyways, it was a nice dining experience, and although it wasn't the healthiest meal, it was really tasty.

Yay to free and delicious food!

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