Friday, February 22, 2008

RUN: 4.4 Miles @??:??, Barnes/Murrell<-->Murrell/Viera, Rockledge/Viera/Rockledge, FL

[the map was cleaner. click HERE for the 'satellite'-version.]

I left work normal time today, racing the sun and clouds home to get the lawn mowed. And I did. Afterwards, I changed into running attire and headed northwards to Rockledge to get my car's error code checked and the Check Engine light reset. I went to Advanced Auto Parts, and the guy there was nice (nice) and actually very helpful in translating the code, which was as I expected. I went in and picked up the Haynes manual for my car and was on my way.

I drove across the street to Publix, parked, and headed out for my run. An old man/woman was honking his/her horn at me in the parking lot, but I couldn't decode what he/she meant... ("someone's stealing my car"?, "you're a rascally whipper-snapper!"?, or just plain "hi."?... no idea). Anyways, I ran with music (instrumentals) south on Murrell from Barnes to Viera and back. That's about it.

Nothing so much woo. I was lacking some motivation and had walk intervals because I just got uninterested... maybe tired. Still, 4.4 miles isn't bad for a dismotivated run.

Here's tonight pic:

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