Saturday, March 01, 2008

DISNEY: Four Parks (Epcot - World Showcase)

The final chapter!

After Magic Kingdom, I was back at Epcot, where the adventure started.

still beautiful

After seeing most of Future World that morning, the goal for tonight was to walk the World Showcase, and more specifically, to catch a showing of Reflections of China (it's been a while). Before the show, I just had to stop by one of my happy places:

"nee hao. welcome to china"
"bof lane open"
ooo...i'm easily distracted

Alright, to the show...

reflection of china
cool, didn't notice this before
"prease watch the doors"
we're surrounded

After the show, I made my way a little farther around the world.

my impression of france
o canada indeed

I ended up in the United Kingdom, waiting for the Illuminations show. I pulled out my leftover Beef & Broccoli from Magic Kingdom and was able to better enjoy the quiet moment.

The show started, and below are the some pics of the fireworks, water, fire, and globe elements.

Then about half-way through, I stepped back and found that I now had a better, grander view and used the row of heads to frame the bottom of my pictures, adding a mystery science theatre 3000-ish quality.

And with that Kiss Goodnight, I headed to the exits at the front of the park, where I was able to skip the tram and just walk to my car, ending my incredible day at the parks.

The four-park adventure was a great success. It was everything that I hoped it would be. I took a lot of pictures with characters, I rode the thrill rides I wanted, and I visited the exhibits that reaffirmed my love of the company.

I felt like an ambassador (of sorts) interacting positively with a lot of people from all over -- the Japanese Stitch fans at Test Track, the people in line for the ferry line at DHS, the Canadian family in line at Buzz Lightyear, the Californian dance team on the monorail to Epcot -- and I also met with a family at DAK that made my dreams come true with a Dream Fast Pass.

I may have to re-consider the Disney Annual Pass afterall. It's an escape to a place where I can meet people from all over and bring a smile to their face, where I can get lost in the crowds and get lost in a fantasy, where I can call my home away from home away from home. (It's a way of staying sane!).

Anyways, thank you to everyone that I met, and thank you again to Walt for creating this, the Happiest place on Earth.

I <3 Disney!

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