Saturday, April 26, 2008

EVENT: Melbourne Art Festival

After the race, I drove over to my friend Emily's to take a shower. She lives in Palm Bay. It was an excuse to see her three-times in a week... plus it saved me 25 minutes of driving (i.e., gas).

Anyways, I headed back to the Melbourne Art Festival for my day-long shift at the Patron Registration Tent. I didn't take as many pictures as last year, and it was pretty uneventful, asides from a girl-on-girl brawl at the patrons tent that got the local cops trotting. Anyways, just for record, here are some photos from the event:

Some Establishing Shots

Shawne and Kathleen
Me and Cyn
Caroline and Brian
Colleen (right) and family
Shawne and Me
Kettle Corn!

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