Sunday, April 27, 2008

RUN: 5.64 miles @44:11, Home<-LL->VHS/Stdm Loop, Viera, FL

Tonight I ran the Viera High School/Stadium Parkway Loop. I ran with music (WDW Today podcast), and my right knee was hurting a bit, and I did walking intervals on the last mile.

It was a cool, calm night. I got on an easy sweat. My pace wasn't what I'd hope it'd be, but it wasn't a bad run.

Anyways, not sure what more to say, except that I needed a run tonight as a cleanser. I watched In Her Shoes this afternoon after plans to sail with a friend fell through and after I left Home Depot feeling defeated (wasn't up to fixing my roof beam... not today). So on the way home, I stopped by Crispers and got a cappuccino torte, then stopped by Shane's to use my other coupon and pick up a 6-piece chicken tenders... food posts will be created for both the foods and the movie... later.

Anywho, there'll be a lot of posts to catch up on, but no pressure. Today was supposed to be relaxing. I feel like there's one more good hour before I really should be getting to bed. Anyways, going to make the most of it.

Here's the sweaty pics for tonight:

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Maybe you should have gotten a haircut.