Saturday, May 03, 2008

JOURNAL: Brevard Animal Control for President

It's 4:10am, and the neighbor's dogs are barking. Who are you going to call?

I'm not so much angry this time as I'm once again thinking "Seriously?". After a look at the cellphone for time, I'm really glad that I went to bed at 10pm -- early for me. I was just exhausted from the long work week and went to bed early so I could wake up in time for the office's Saturday run on the Melbourne Causeway... and I think I've succeeded?

I called Brevard Animal Control (321-633-9880, option 1) and left my information. It was my second time calling them -- and for the record, I've called the Brevard County Dispatch twice, the neighborhood president once, and the community management company once. Afterwards, the dogs were still barking strong, and I was pretty much awake, so I put on a shirt and pants, my Wal-Mart-brand Crocs, and ran around the corner to the offending house's front door.

The lights were on all-throughout the house and the inside front door was open. I could see the Jack Russell in the middle of the hallway barking, and I can still hear the boxer/pit-bull barking in their backyard (along with yet another dog back there whining). Without much plan on what I'd say, I rang the doorbell and waited... nothing. Did they just get in? Was anyone home?

Sense settled in me -- I really didn't want to deal with those people, not at this time -- so I rang their doorbell twice more and just quickly ran off.

Yeah... I'm handling the situation (at least I'm not doing nothing about it), and realize that they will be out by the end of the school year (start of June), but I'd think it'd be great if they were forced to leave before then. Seriously, for the neighborhood association to let this go on for so long is a damn shame, and I don't feel any bad for my lawn not looking 100% nice.

Anywho, it's been 30 minutes since my call to BAC, and I don't hear the dogs barking as much anymore. So, you know who you can call at 4am.

[Heh, I just thought about it... lights were on, but nobody home. What an appropriate assessment.]

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