Sunday, May 04, 2008

MOVIE: The Good Night

Tonight, I did dinner-and-a-movie-at-home with Travis and Teresa (at their home... mine's a mess). It's been a while since we've done something like this -- it was back when Desperate Housewives was good, so it's been at least a couple years. (Really?).

Anyways, Teresa cooked up some awesome breaded chicken in a mustard and wine sauce, stir-fried some zucchini squash, and served it on some nice white rice (it's been a while for me with that too). It was Delicious! Here's a pic of our plate:

And then there were cookies for dessert -- both a oatmeal chocolate variety, and a chocolate-pudding-infused variety (prep of the first shown below).

Anyways, we brought our plates up to the entertainment room and watched a movie I borrowed from the library called The Good Night. The cover said that it was a "comedic fantasy", but it wasn't so much...

The movie is about a guy who has a mid-life crisis, who is unhappy in his marriage and becomes infatuated with a woman that he sees in his dreams. He tries to learn more about dreams, yadda yadda yadda, dream sequence, affair affair, dream sequence, etc.

The movie kinda rambles on, and if I hadn't subjected it to Travis and Teresa, I would've perhaps stopped after 15 minutes and gone back to my Firefly DVDs, but I did subject them to it, and we got through the movie.

I felt that all of the characters were acting as a supporting cast -- that no one really stepped up. I really had higher hopes for Simon Pegg's performance and even Gwenyth Paltrow's (after watching her fine performance in Iron Man.

Anyways, I really did enjoy the piano piece that was played towards the end of the movie and for sure will be searching for it tonight [Update: it's called "Concert Dream" by Alec Puro, and it's somewhat depressing... and incredible. I'm not trying to find the sheet music].

I wouldn't say that the movie was horrible, but it wasn't too good. Oh well.

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