Saturday, May 03, 2008

MOVIE: Iron Man

I went to go see Iron Man at the Rave with my friend Chuck, and it lived up to its 90% at We were both impressed.

Robert Downey Jr. did a great, great job as Tony Stark. His performance was strong with well-delivered humour -- reminded me of what Johnny Depp did for Pirates. Gwenyth Paltrow was good as an underplayed Pepper Potts and Terrance Howard did fine as Colonel James Rhodes. Jeff Bridges, however, was disappointing as the friend-turned-foe... his character's technological prowess wasn't well-established and was not very believable. Oh well.

The movie did a great job with pacing and development and how it revealed information about both the story and the characters.

This entry is ATF (actually after Narnia2 & Indy4) and I'd have to say that Iron Man is still head-and-shoulders above. And I don't think I'd mind going back to see it in the theatres a second time. I'm not too wild about the "climax" fight scene, but the rest of the movie greatly makes up for it.

Go see it!

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