Thursday, June 12, 2008

FOOD: Hurricane, Satellite Beach, FL

After the run, I was dehydrated coerced into going with Jordan and Alex to Hurricane for some wings and ale. I hadn't been there before, but they were giving me rave reviews.

It was over the EG causeway in that Publix plaza. The atmosphere was cool and calm, so we sat outside. Anyways, we were able to each choose a flavor to taste before we ordered:

We each got an order of 15 wings.

Jordan got his Garlic Parmesan:
Alex got Teriyaki Glaze:
and I got the Tuscan Herb Toss (dry rub):
They came out really nice. Unlike the wings from Downtown Produce, these wings were more on the more dry, very crispy side (which is what I prefer) -- and for their price (not cheap), they better be.

So, it was a nice thing to try -- the atmosphere was nice, the music selection relaxed and familiar, the service was pleasant, and the food was really good. I'd say give it a try and check out the rest of their flavors (LINK).


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