Thursday, June 12, 2008

GAY DAYS 2008: Red Shirts - Preview

I want to get all the red shirt pics out but there's so many of them and to process all of them (comment-wise) would take longer than I'd like, so we'll go in two batches. Here's the first batch.

"Forever Loved"
Where: Pluto parking lot at the TTC
When: first thing Saturday morning
Comment: These were the first group Gay Days shirts I saw Saturday morning. They were one of the few really colorful designs. And they made for a great start for the day.

"Project GayDay"
Where: by the railroad station just inside the MK gates
When: circa rope drop
Comment: Nice composition and execution. I like the pop-culture reference though the design could've been more fierce. And I should've asked if everyone had a different quote: "The reaction was horror... nausea." Niiice... Gaaay...

"Fruit Loops"
Where: in line for the Jungle Cruise
When: 11:30am-ish
Comment: Cute, happy couple. The shirt was borderline disqualified since it was pink and not really red, but I do like the cereal nod. And they had such enthusiasm about their shirt just like yours truly. Shirt pride!

"It's Your Job To Make Me Happy"
Where: also in line for the Jungle Cruise
When: 40 seconds later
Comment: This couple also dressed matchingly. I wasn't sure if the shirts were official Disney apparel but they were clean and cute nonetheless. Looked like they're going to make the CMs work!

"Sorry Boys, I Only Date Bears"
Where: in front of the Country Bear Jamboree
When: almost 1:00pm
Comment: I couldn't help by smile when I saw the shirt, the sentiment was right on target. And the way the guy strolled along the line of bears waiting for the show was also adorable.

"We're Everywhere"
Where: everywhere
When: throughout the day
Comment: I saw it on quite a number of shirts in different styles. The message was true and applicable (especially that day), and it was just reassuring to see.

"Caution: Wide Right Turns"
Where: by the Partners statue in front of Cinderella's Castle
When: before the 3:00pm parade
Comment: How funny (like the XXXL shirt that says "I see small people"), though the caution should've been on the back of the shirt. My friend suggested an alternative slogan: "If you can't see my mirrors, I can't see you." (ha!) The other shirt asks "Does your mother sew?"... yeah, I don't know what that means either.

Where: Main Street USA
When: also before the 3:00pm parade
Comment: Shameless self-promotion. Niiice. Another friend told me that he had seen a shirt with a phone number. Either way, they're bolder than the numerous "Hi. You'll Do" shirts that were at the park, so props to the self-promoters. (Oh, the "Strangers with benefits" shirt I saw was also great!)

"Hey, Hi. How are you?"
Where: en queue for it's a small world
When: after the 3:00pm parade
Comment: Here's a nod to the innocent and friendly. There was also a group of these ambassadors. The guy in front was totally ready for the photo-ops with a quick flick of the wrist (nice snap!). You go girl!

"Straight But Not Narrow"
Where: a few steps away, looking downwards
When: half-a-moment later
Comment: I was skeptical about the truthfulness of the statement at first, looking at the guy's clean appearance and styled hair, but then realized that there were all types.

"Fan_Boy06 2008 /"
Where: on a bus from the TTC to DHS
When: around 5:30pm

Comment: I just had to get a pic of this guy in a kilt; he kinda looks like the guy from The Tutors. Anyways, he was with a group from Britain, and they had their groups's website URL ( on the back of their shirts and their individual username on the front.

So that's the first group of red shirts. Next up will be my three Honorable Mentions followed by my Top 10 Red Shirts from Gay Days 2008!


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wish.i.were.there.onymous said...

Project GayDay: I actually like the front of the shirt better..."You're either in, or you're OUT!"

It's Your Job to Make Me Happy: How high maintenance, how, uh, gay. Okay I guess that fits. They don't look very smiley. I guess they're not doing their jobs?

Sorry Boys, I Only Date Bears: cute, but NAVY BLUE!

Hey, Hi. How Are You?: aww I wish I could see the wrist snapping! awesome!

Straight But Not Narrow: So is this guy like a male F*G H*G? He's straight? huh?

Fan_Boy06: TOTALLY looks like Jonathan Rhys Meyers from the Tudors. Yummy. What's under his kilt?