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GAY DAYS 2008: Red Shirts - Top 10!

Okay, here's Part 2 of 2... of My Top 10 Red Shirts of Gay Days 2008!!!

But first...

Honorable Mentions:

"Clean Planes, Dirty Martinis"
Where: the Delta Airlines booth at the Gay Days Expo at the Royal Plaza Resort
When: Friday afternoon
Comment: Surprised that Southwest wasn't there, but glad to see that someone else I fly is so openly gay-friendly. They were giving out fruity shots and I scored a mini metal cocktail shaker (Schwag Pride!).

"I'm Not Gay But My Weiner Is"
Where: at the end of Main Street USA
When: getting ready for the 3 o'clock parade
Comment: Again, not a red shirt, but definitely gay. I like the twist on the popular "I'm not gay but my boyfriend is" shirt. Speaking of which, near Splash Mountain I saw a guy wearing a "I'm not gay but my girlfriend is" shirt (which was white) and he was with his girlfriend?... not sure how that works but it kinda did.

"What Would Madonna Do?"
Where: in line for its a small world
When: after the 3 o'clock parade
Comment: The shirt poses the ultimate question and makes us think outside the box... plus the guy reminded me of Peeler from Bravo's Work Out (hot). This would've definitely made my Top 10 and maybe T5 if it had been red.

***Alright... It's time for my Top 10!***

Number #10
"Wong Brothers"
Where: Fantasyland
When: after exiting Philharmagic (which I do like)
Comment: Yep, this is one of the shirts from Abercrombie & Fitch that had some Asian-American organizations calling for a boycott of the store back in 2002. I thought the shirt was funny. I'd wear it.

Number #9
"It's So Big"
Where: beside Cinderella's Castle where you can get a yummy funnel cake
When: after it's a small world
Comment: We traded turns taking pictures of each other's shirt. I like how unapologetic and Adventureland his shirt was. I think he was taking picture for the local Watermark magazine, so maybe I'll be in print next week? (pre-emptive woo!).

Number #8
"I'm Easy To Use And Operate"
Where: in front of Space Mountain
When: early morning, 10:00am-ish
Comment: The message had a good size, and was clear and clean (just like its owner). This friendly photogenic bear advertises well. I'm sold!

Number #7
"Bear Card"
Where: at the TTC Monorail Station to MK
When: second thing in the morning
Comment: I think these are from the same people who brought us the "Incredi-bears" last year. They were out in large numbers, organized and happy. Parking's actually $11, but they were dead on with the "Scaring the straight person next to you...".

Number #6
"The Fox & The Hound"
Where: by the Partners statue
When: waiting for the 3 o'clock parade
Comment: I like the nod to the classic and under-represented Disney feature and the sweet and simple design. I also like how this particular picture turned out -- it's busy like a Where's Waldo or I Spy page (SO much to look at).

Number #5
"I'm Feeling Lucky"
Where: really right in front of Cinderella's Castle
When: right after the 3 o'clock parade
Comment: This is actually a shirt -- and "I'm Feeling Lucky" (I should've gotten a better picture) is one of the search options (ha!). I don't think that it's special company apparel for GD, so I have to give major props to guy for saving the shirt for this occasion. Geek Pride!

Number #4
"Nobody Made Me Gay, I Did It Myself" & "Priceless"
Where: walking by the Partners statue
When: also right after the 3 o'clock parade
Comment: The son's shirt is cute, but the prize goes more to the father's shirt that reads: "Disney Trip 600.00 -- 2 Kids 200,000.00 -- Both Being Gay. -- Priceless". Awww. What an awesome dad. I bet the family had a memorable day.

Number #3
Where: Frontierland
When: on the way to Splash Mountain/Big Thunder Mountain
Comment: If you haven't noticed already, I tend to favor more of the grossly inappropriate shirts. This one warranted a double-take and a moment to ponder, and the question's the same for everyone "does it mean what I think it does?"... yes, and that's the beauty -- and it Is a nice-looking sandwich.

Number #2
"Fairy Poppins"
Where: in front of Splash Mountain
When: 4:11:28PM (according to my camera)
Comment: What trumps inappropriate shirts? Gay-themed Disney-referencing attire! This one was an instant favorite of my friend Cori. I think it's darling when bears advertise their softer side though I'm glad that this year I didn't see any bears with Tinkerbell wings. Plus, the image of Julie Andrews standing beside this guy made me smile.

And my pick for the Best Red Shirt of Gay Days 2008...

Number #1
"F*G" & "F*GH*G"s
Where: outside of Haunted Mansion
When: after riding Haunted Mansion
Comment: Young, Asian... not what I expected (I really thought that a bear would bring home the prize again), but the shirts were wonderfully simple and coordinated, plus the F*G & his F*GH*Gs were photo-gracious at a moment's notice and were totally unpretentious, cool-chill relaxed, and gave out a great vibe. And that's why this is my pick for the Best Gay Days Red Shirt of 2008.

***Please leave a message and tell me what you think of my Top 10? :)
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wish.i.were.there.onymous said...

#6 (the Fox and the Hound): there was something other than tan, sculpted arms in that photo?

#3 (SILF): "I tend to favor more of the grossly inappropriate shirts" Um, I think you favor shirts with sandwiches on them.

#1 (F*G, F*G H*G): I want one! And I'll need 12 of the red shirts...