Thursday, June 12, 2008

RUN: 3.41 miles @28:57-ish, RZ Fun Run, Melbourne, FL

[Hybrid, no choice but to love it.]
I'm doing my part promoting the Running Zone Fun Run. And it was the first time for many of my coworker's family and friends from the Wednesday Eau Gallie Fun Run.

This was the first multi-day run week I've had in over a month -- I'm upping my game now that I've joined a Triathlon Team for work and found out that the other two people are competitive. Dah.

It was really hot out today, and I was feeling dehydrated. I wanted to run at tempo, but that wasn't happening. Anyways, here are the sweaty ceddy jumping pics (it's been a while, eh?):

Overhead, there was a clear rainbow, so I got a pic of that, and of my coworker's family. Yay.
I'm kinda glad to be back, but I'm realizing just how time-consuming running is. Anyways, priorities priorities. I need to get back into shape.

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