Wednesday, July 23, 2008

JOURNAL: Complaining again

It's after work, and the day's been quick but dragging -- a mix of one big frustration (and I didn't handle it all the best (again)) and a big denouement. And now at home, the back of my neck continues to be incredibly tight. I'm body-and-head tired, and I don't have the energy or desire to scream out.

I ran yesterday plus I saw lightning driving home so I'm off-the-hook there. And all I have planned is a bubble bath and a viewing of last night's Wipeout, which should be good.

Dinner's going to be a salad and maybe a chicken breast, with a mango for dessert. When I'm stressed at work, I don't tend to eat well... so after a Twinkie, a cookie, half-a-cannister of Cheetos, and an entire bag of pork rinds (not to mention a sugar-loaded RaceTrac coffee concoction), I'm just ready to lay out.

Anyways, I realize that a good portion of the anxiety is pre-stress from the weekend and from next week's Toastmasters speech, and from a whack sleep pattern, and from trying to get back to running, and the trying to get the house in order. There's just so much, and I wonder how I dealt with all this during those other-years here.

Perhaps, I just need to ignore-ignore-ignore. Also, not everyday has to be exciting but... yeah, I need to discover those simple pleasures again, and try to be more content and less worn-on-the-sleeves.

Anyways, I guess I'm hoping to get caught up on another entry or two tonight all depending. Maybe I'll head to bed early too. The Oscar Mayer Weinermobile will be in town tomorrow, and I want to go and get my inappropriately-shaped Weinermobile whistle.

2 comment(s):

shear.genius said...

you know what'll make you feel better?...a Haircut.

Wait - that would make ME feel better.



weineronymous said...

I want an inappropriate weiner to blow too!