Friday, October 03, 2008

FUNNY: Nature Cover Nurtured

[from via ATO via AnimalNY]

"Above is the front and back cover of Nature mag's September 25th issue and one can't help but notice the striking resemblance between the two. The back cover ad is for bio-chemicals seller Sigma Aldrich and the cover story takes a look at how the presidential elections will affect science—we're basically screwed in dog years if the Republicans win. Was the magazine being clever or is it just pure coincidence?"

Here's some of the comments from Gawker:

"One dog looks hopeful. The other looks confused."

"That yellow dog totally wants to eat your sandwich and piss on the rug."

"Only one of these four dogs has a bitch for a running mate. Care to guess which one?"

"This has been a terribly wrong political season, because maybe I should find some kind of offense in this cover and back cover, but I think it is adorable."

"But is Nature neutered?"

"Here ya go!"


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