Saturday, October 04, 2008

MUSIC: Jennifer Hudson CD

This morning I went out to pick up the new (and long-awaited) Jennifer Hudson CD. The Wal-Mart by me ran out, and I eventually got it from the Best Buy on 192 (on the way back from the Saturday Beta Run). I bought it because I met her a few years back at the 2005 Come Out With Pride Orlando, and she was so nice.

Here's a track listing of the CD:

1. Spotlight
2. If This Isn't Love
3. Pocketbook featuring Ludacris
4. Giving Myself
5. What's Wrong (Go Away) featuring T-Pain
6. My Heart
7. You Pulled Me Through
8. I'm His Only Woman featuring Fantasia
9. Can't Stop The Rain
10. We Gon' Fight
11. Invisible
12. And I Am Telling You I'm Not Going (Highlights Version) Dreamgirls (OST)
13. Jesus Promised Me A Home Over There

First impressions of the CD: it's only okay -- but my expectations were high and vaguely-defined, and I'll have to give it more time.

Second impressions: Asides from "Spotlight", I'm quickly connected with "I'm His Only Woman (featuring Fantasia)" and "Can't Stop The Rain".

I was looking at the album on iTunes, and if you buy it there, I believe that you get a couple of bonus tracks: "Spotlight, Pt.2" (the remix-version featuring Young Jeezy & Rick Ross) and "All Dressed In Love" from the Sex And The City soundtrack, both of which I really like and were disappointed that weren't on the album sold in stores.

I already posted a player of Pt. 2 in a previous entry but not one of ADiL, so I'm going to include an imeem of it below.

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