Thursday, October 30, 2008

RUN: 3.41 miles @??:??, RZ Fun Run, Melbourne, FL

[Alright, I've been procrastinating the other post (in my defense, there Is a lot to sort out), and the last thing I needed was one more entry to catch up on, so here's tonight's... just cranking it out:]

Today was s'alright. Work seemed a bit long but I got through some technical documents with some better understanding so "yay" to me. I was really tired at work, partially because I got home very late last night -- worked extra then went over to my friend Chuck's for some Pushing Daisies and pie, and some Little Big Planet (SO addictive! and cuuute).

Anyways, during lunchtime, my friend Nga and I headed south to attend a Halloween-themed meeting of the Malabar Toasters. The prepared speeches were incredible -- and even more so considering that they were the speakers' 2nd and 3rd speeches. The meeting was a fun, and the visit was a nice change of scenery.

The only thing was that they provided a lot of snacks, but they were cookies, cake, and candies... and I basically ended up having only sugars lunch. Combined with the dozen or so wings I had for first-thing breakfast (I made a couple days ago... and I made them just like before), I continued to snack/gorge on more processed sugars and empty carbs. By the end of work, I was on a sugar crash, tired, and a bit on edge.

Anyways, I had planned on attending the RZ-SCR Fun Run/Potluck after work, and carefully remembered to bring my running shorts to the car. Running shoes... I didn't remember; so I had to stop by the house before heading over to RZ. But on the way, and right in front of WM, I almost got hit by a car trying to jump into my lane without looking. I quickly got on the horn and even took my car up on a curb to avoid getting hit. As you could imagine, it was a shock. And it just felt like all the bad stuff of the day were compounding. After a mini-break at home, I got changed and put on my running shoes and cautiously headed back out.

[Reused route map; PL paths may've been slightly different but oh well.]

When I got to RZ, I saw my friends and immediately felt a lot more at ease. I wore a fleece sports pants over running shorts and my Goofy jacket over a tech shirt... a bit of overkill for a just-right-cool evening.

Well, I ran with camera and took it easy again. I know that I'm not up-to-speed yet and I also didn't want to aggravate my feet. It was a pleasant run.

[click image below for closer-up of owl]

I had convinced a new co-worker to join us for the run, and I was glad to see that he was enjoying himself -- but he's already a really social guy so no worries from me. Well, tonight was the last fun run for the season, and there was not only pizza waiting for us, but sodas, beers, [more] cookies and [more] cake, and even some healthy options like baby carrot sticks. And there was a super-sized edition of the Raffle. And of course, everyone from work who came ended up winning something... well, everyone except me... again... but that's okay; I've got pictures. The new co-worker won the first drawing of the night and got a pair of nice sandals.

Anyways, I had a couple slices of delicious pizza and a beer, the opportunity to see lots of friends that I would see more if I kept up with local races better, and another absolutely great time.

No sweaty Ceddy pic today, but there's one of me kinda-toasted:

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