Friday, October 31, 2008

EVENT: Halloween!

For Halloween, instead of closing the garage door and going for a run (like last year), I took some kids trick-or-treating around the neighborhood.

There was Zadie (hobo), Willow (tinkerbell), and Cameron (ninja) with cameos from Aaron (grim reaper) and Nina (hanna montana).

I dressed up again as a Scot... or a Japanese schoolgirl. (let's go with the first one)

Anyways, we managed to hit about 90% of the neighborhood, and it was cool to see some of the yards dressed up.

There were a few houses with haunted driveways -- the best being one with a Jason-like butcher in the garage chopping away and scraping his machete against the hanging chicken wire; the front lawn was a graveyard with living corpses. There was a group of adults in lawn chairs telling the kids that the candy was at the front porch (so cruel... ha!). The kids were walking up and down the driveway unsure whether or not to go for the goodies.

Eventually a couple brave kids headed to the door, and everyone else filed behind them.

The adults were really enjoying it (and notice the bowl of candy one of the guys in the chairs is holding... HA!):

"Okay, cross the street!" Yeah, there was no real method to the madness.

The kids were good with their "Trick-or-Treats"s, "Thank You"s, and "Happy Halloween"s, and they managed to get a LOT of candy; I just hung back at the sidewalk and waved to people, though I managed a small bag of pretzels and a couple other things, which I promptly consumed.

Anyways, the crowds around the neighborhood weren't overwhelming. It had a homely nice feel to it. I spotted the neighborhood "CD" dressed up as an indian chief -- muscles and tattoos, tight pants (with feathers and bells), no shirt, and a great haircut and matching smile...

... 'cuse me, where was i?...

We actually had to make a stop at home base to unload some candy before heading back out to canvas the other side of the neighborhood.

I was thanked for taking the kids out. It was really my pleasure. The kids were really well-behaved, and I enjoyed going around with them. Seeing their joy and the enthusiasm from everyone in the neighborhood keeps me from becoming cynical.

It reminded me of why people celebrate -- why people need to celebrate.


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