Sunday, November 09, 2008

FOOD: Toastmasters District 84 Fall Conference -- The FOOD!

District 84 consists of the upper-half of Florida. So of all the places the conference could've been, Melbourne Beach was the most convenient and perhaps the least exotic local -- I mean, the beach is always nice to see, but seriously... at the end of the night, I was driving home. Anyways, it was nice to have fancy meals already planned out. I made my picks when I registered for the conference, and when we checked in, we received our vouchers in our badge:

Alright... ready to eat? Here we go:

Friday Dinner
Key Lime Pie

Spinach Salad

(someone else's) Broiled Mahi w/Chili-Orange Sauce

Jerked Pork Loin

Saturday Lunch
Angel Food Cake with Berry Topping

Caesar Salad

Hawaiian Luau: Coconut Chicken Breast & Guava BBQ Ribs

Saturday Dinner
Assortment: Mini Eclair, Cream Puff, Mini Cannolo

Garden Salad

(someone else's) Chicken Marsala

Petite Sirloin (med rare)


The Hospitality Room (both nights)
Pound Cake, Assorted Fruits, Brownies, Tortillas, 7-Layer Bean Dip, Meat-Cheese Dip

Anything. You. Want.

(not pictured: the Hula-Hoop [yum yum] and the Volcano)

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gluttonymous said...

Dessert first? Yay!!

And mmm... liquored up = good speeches or = everybody's funny by default!