Saturday, June 27, 2009

DISNEY: I'm published on AllEars!

Woo!, one of my favorite Disney fan sites, just published another one of my guest blog submissions.

Here's a link!: WDW Passholder Fireworks Events

To give some background, I met some of the AllEars crew at a meet-up at DHS a month ago (I still need to write up that trip report), and they were all fantastic and encouraging. I learned that amazingly, only a couple of them actually lived in the area -- many of them were from out of state and would just make several trips down each year.

It was a great feeling to be around fellow Disney enthusiasts and to talk shop -- new events and attractions, favorites parks and restaurants -- without anyone giving me blank looks or rolling their eyes when I start using Disney acronyms.

Anyways, I did mention that AllEars published "another one" of my submissions. The WDW Passholders Fireworks Events post was my second article. My first was a write-up of the D23 Flowers & Fireworks Celebration that was held the day after the AllEars meetup.

Here's the link!: D23 Flower & Fireworks Celebration at Epcot

As you could imagine, I was incredibly giddy at the opportunity to contribute, but I knew that it was going to be a little bit of an adjustment -- I knew that I couldn't write articles like I do for this haphazard Soneevda blog.
For AllEars, I wanted my articles to be more professional than what I typically write, because of the wider audience they have.

There were other considerations, such as being more conscious of telling a story, and making it less "me-oriented" while maintaining some of my endearing personal flairs. Wanting to inter-mix photos and text, I had to be more conscious of taking a more comprehensive set of photos to support the story.

Speaking of which, I'm a newbie when it comes to applying copyright labels on photos -- notice how ginormous the labels were in the D23 article vs. the PH Fireworks article.


PH Fireworks:

Because I can't readily make changes to articles after they're published, I've learned that I've had to do more drafts and fact-checking beforehand, which is good practice. It's a lot more work and effort, but I definitely get a greater sense of accomplishment out of it.

Working with the people at AllEars has been a really good learning experience, and I look forward to having the opportunity to do some more write-ups for them. I'm still figuring how my many interests fit into my many obligations, but this is something I find is worth the work and effort.

And you know that the next time they publish something of mine, you'll see a link to it here.


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