Tuesday, June 23, 2009

BLOG: A couple of catch-up posts.

I may make it to bed before midnight tonight!

Anyways, I had wanted to go see The Hangover at some point after work today but I was first just too tired (and napped on the couch some), then too focused on getting caught up on the blog, and I never made it back out of the house. I'll probably end up seeing it sometime this weekend with some friends.

Anywho, the two posts I made tonight are a big back, so I'm posting a couple links to them here, up front:

EVENT: Brevard 2-1-1's "An Evening of Mystery and Intrigue"
GAY DAYS 2009: Red Shirts - Honorable Mentions

I'm hoping to get an article about Saturday's WDW Passholders Events completed and submitted by tomorrow (we'll see) and also post my Top 10 Red Shirts by Friday.

Work's coming down to the wire, and I'm hoping for another load of energy and motivation.

Anyways, for this post's expanda-bonus, I was in for 3 of something during today's Woot-off. I actually bought it right after I finished my last post. To find out what it is, you'll have to follow the link to continue reading.

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