Monday, June 22, 2009

JOURNAL: Square One Volleyball

Today's been a bit of a letdown. I guess it's the normal swing of life, and I'm just in a "meh" interval. I've been near-D&T at work because my project has taken a change of direction and and I am feeling unappreciated. There was also an instance today where I troubleshot a problem to its source and wasn't given any glimpse of encouragement.

In both cases, I was lucky that someone else was around that acknowledged my good deeds. When I discovered the missing cabling, Dan was there to give me a pat on the back. And when I was feeling down, Kendal was there to give me a much-needed hug. I do feel lucky that there will always be someone around who can cheer me up.

Still, I wished that I could've gotten more done today. The last code cut-off is this Friday, and even though I've taken a backseat on the coding at the moment, I still have to read up for when I have to perform the action items to come.
I got home feeling drained, but like the end of last week, things balanced out in that I got quite a bit done with the blog. I set up for expanded posts (I think they look good), and I started planning for future entries, setting deadlines. I was feeling into it so much that I went to volleyball late.

I took the long way to the gym, and this evening there were seven to nine of us there for the duration. The reason this post is named "Square One" is because it was one of those nights where I felt like the newbie all over again.

The same guy who harassed me before was chastising me again tonight about how I was "holding" the ball. He didn't sugarcoat his criticism. Cara have me a smile and a quick, kind clarification, and on the next play, I buried a serve right in front of him. I like how court karma works.

CBJ wasn't there and my other source of +reinforcement only made a brief appearance, so I sensed that my mantra was "tread lightly". It was a bit ho-hum, but it was enough of a reality check to open my eyes to other opportunities.
Now I'm back home, it's 10:33pm, and I'm going to quickly go and take a shower, ice some pulls, and prepare for tomorrow. I may draft some ideas about the next posts on my list -- HM Red Shirts (retro) and Saturday's PH Fireworks events.

It's a long week, and I need to conserve some sanity and get some more rest.

Here are tonight's sweaty Ceddy kitchen pics:

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