Saturday, April 12, 2008

RACE: Space Walk Of Fame 8K/2Mile, Titusville, FL (did not run)

This morning, I woke up early and made it up to Titusville for the last race of the SpaceCoastRunners Runner-of-the-Year Series, the Space Walk Of Fame 8K.

I was there with no specific capacity and just took pictures of the race. The overall competition were statistically locked up for both the men's and women's series but they both ran in the race and showed us why they were the champions. Mike Wasson came in first in the 8K with a time of 27:35, and Jessica Crate came in first for the ladies (and 3rd overall!) with a time of 29:00.

Anyways, I took a lot of pictures and spent most of yesterday sorting through and sending them out. Here are my 10 favorite pics from yesterday. In no particular order:

Someone came up to me and pointed to the water, so I took a pic. Was it The Host? Nah, it's just some manatees swimming nearby. Those sea cows are gentle (or are they?).

This is a view of the condos across a small pocket of water. I like how the angles, colors, shapes, and textures turned out.

This is a picture of a young girl finishing the 2-Mile race option (left). The little girl on the right took off in chase and cheering.

It's nice to see people enjoying themselves on the course. I tend to take races too seriously, and when this guy "glided" past the turn-around, it brought smiles to many faces.

Here is Kara and Robin sprinting down the final straight-away. There's no posing for the camera here. The concentration and level of competition here were high, and it turned out a great photo.

At the race, there was a country-folk band that set-up an easy-going, small-town feeling. What was really nice was how they were in the park playing while the runners were still on the course.

Here's a picture of Marlene on the course. I really like how everyone is laid out in the picture and the variety of expressions they have. To me, the picture looks like something straight out of Runners World or a race ad.

This picture from a youth races. I like this one because of the little girl's form. I mean, look at that stride -- back leg push, front knee up, using those arms, and face looking forwards. She must have a really good coach!

Here's another pic from the youth races. I like how multiple layers of action are represented -- the girl in front, the other girl also focused on finishing, the boy encouraging her, and the man giving them direction.

And this last one is a candid pic of Art. Robin tapped me on the shoulder and pointed to him, saying what a great picture that is, so I took one. He spotted us and gave us a surprised look. He looks like superman, esp. with the arc-plume of clouds... now, about the blonde-haired stone...

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