Monday, May 26, 2008

JOURNAL: Memorial Day Weekend Update/Summary

I spent my 4-day Memorial Weekend at home. I didn't go to Disney. I didn't even go to Orlando. I just stayed at home. And you know what? I was fine with that.

The price of gas was a big consideration ($3.81/gallon), but also my body needed the time to recover from the big races the past couple of weekends.

Going to bed without an alarm on the other side of sleep was a much needed luxury. This didn't mean that the bad neighbors behaved -- I've simply found ways of dealing with them. Take for instance, it's let's say 11:30pm and their dogs start barking... all I have to do is turn on my back porch lights. Like Pavlov's dog -- the neighbors assume that next I'll call the police, so they take their dogs in. Still, the bad neighbors were drunk at 3am Friday night/Saturday morning and got into an argument that ends up in discharged firearms and a visit from the police. The drama. Yeah, but I was deep in sleep and got the recap from a good (but tired) neighbor.

In addition to the more-restful sleep, being around the house has been refreshing. I took the opportunity to get my home office cleaned up and re-organized. I also tackled a couple of mini home projects -- finally hanging up my marathon frame and putting up a couple sets of hooks -- both of which provided me a good inhale-exhale. I just needed to put more things up on the walls to feel more "at-home" and boost that feeling of ownership. Granted, there are plenty more projects to accomplish (I'm meaning the never-ending work on the lawn), but I've done well for now and feel like I've made progress.

As for keeping entertained, I went to the movies Thursday night with my friend Chuck to go see Narnia then again with Chuck on Friday night to see Indiana Jones; both movies were fine but lack-luster but it was nice to get those out of the way early on. Next, I caught up a lot of TV shows online: ABC, NBC, Fox, and even Bravo, but there wasn't anything on CBS worth watching. Then yesterday, a friend called up and we went sailing on his Laser. And today, I'm doing absolutely nothing. I'll do Disney next weekend.

Anyways, that's about it. Almost out of things to watch/do. Maybe it's all just-in-time. Okay, I think I'm going to go water my lawn now.

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